Ûrêzâyan is a mighty seafaring city-state in the central regions of Bellakar.

History Edit

Ûrêzâyan was established by the Numenoreans by the seafarer Sakalure, who led the colonization of Bellakar. He named the city after himself, Ûrêzâyan means "(Sakal)Ure's Haven". Ûrêzâyan soon became the center of power in Bellakar, and after the sinking of Numenor Ûrêzâyan served as the capital for the Black Numenorean Kingdom of Bellakar. It was the capital under Joam-Tuv of Qadjadar, as well as the doomed Second Entaile that followed it. When the Third Entaile formed, however, Ûrêzâyan opted to stay independent, and had enough resources to maintain their independence even when Bellakar tried to attack them. With Bellakar often having an anti-Gondorian stance, Ûrêzâyan became the center of trade between Gondor and Raj.

Culture Edit

Ûrêzâyan culture is cosmoplitan and very different from mainstream Bellakarian culture. There is no stratification of classes like that in Bellakar, and many merchant populations have settled in the Docks District of the city. Ishtra is the primary goddess, with hundreds of temples dotting the city. These temples range from fishing docks to art museums to thinly-veiled brothels, reflecting the diverse aspects of the goddess.

Ûrêzâyani cuisine is a fusion of that of Raj and of Gondor, with the plain foods of Raj being supplemented by Gondor's olives and spices. The Chile Pepper, native to Far Harad's jungles, is also a delicacy, with many breeders experimenting with the plant and creating new spicier varieties every year.

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