The first of the Void Lords, and the strongest... He slaughtered a thousand kings.. Toppled five hundred empires..

Abaddon Edit

Abaddon was the first of the ten Void Lords that rose out of the Oblivion Pit in the First Age. Nobody knows his exact origin, but there have been a few theories. He resides in his kingdom in The Void, feasting on the souls of any unlucky mortals who ventured into his realm.

Race Edit

Abaddon was the strongest, and the first, of the ten Void Lords who arose from the Oblivion Pit during the First Age. This is told in the Black Archives, and yet nobody can seem to find the Pit. Abaddon is very large, at about ten feet tall. He wears a silver mask with a tortured face carved into it, and a hood covering his terrible face.

Faction and Role Edit

Abaddon owed his loyalty to nobody; but he had his nine loyal followers, the Void Lords. His second in command was Lucifer the Bloodred, and together they troubled the lives of mortals. Abaddon could slay any creature with just his scythe, and even without it he could easily kill someone.

Weapons Edit

Abaddon had a scythe, which he called Soulripper. It was made of some dark metal, of which nobody know the name of. He can also conjure any weapon out of thin air, as long as it can be used to kill, for Abaddon is literally the physical incarnation of death.

Achievements Edit

  • Ruling the Void
  • Leading the Void Lords
  • Corrupting Cross
  • Tricking The Overlord by pretending to pledge loyalty.
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