AethulWulf is the current leader of the Arctic claws. 


Aethelwulf is the alpha of the Arctic Claws. He has cold, icy blue eyes; slick, thick, snow white fur with rippling muscles, black tribal war paint from the muzzle to the top of his hunches, with jaws stronger than a hyena, claws sharper than razors and teeth like knives, 


AethelWulf is an Arctic Claw, which were werewolves but after the downfall of Morgoth ran to the misty mountains with Durin's Bane they then started the transformation from Werewolf to beast, later they headed north to the rising power of the White Uruk-Hai. With Tribal painting on their faces and sleek white fur, the alpha has paint down to his upper legs, they have razor sharp claws and they retained the intelligence of man, so they are untrainable.

Faction and RoleEdit

Aethelwulf is the alpha and leader of the Arctic Claws, a race of wolves with white fur that once served Morgoth before his downfall. He led them to the Misty Mountains where they befriended Durin's Bane and later the White Uruk leader Apocalypse.

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