Apocalypse is a White Uruk. He is The Chieftain of The White Uruk-hai and has many Achievements.


Apocalypse is a White Uruk, an elite breed of uruks created by Melkor himself. He was seven and half feet tall and was the strongest, smartest, and fastest out of all Uruks. His body is covered in scars and looks similar to Azog.


The White Uruks are The Elite forces of Melkor that were bred to destroy Elves and dwarves. They found the secret to smelting Mithril and trade with the Blackbeard dwarves for wraivorn and morcarite gear. Apocalypse is the chief of these terrifying beasts of the misties.

Faction and RoleEdit

Apocalypse is the chieftain of the great White Uruks of the Misty Mountains. The White Uruk Hai get trialed to become cheiftain he was the one who is the smartest strongest and fastest and killed all the other White Uruk Hai. 


Bears The feared sword Deathbringer. It cuts though enemies like a hot axe though warm butter. A crossbow that shoots bolts of fire piercing his foes. He himself is a weapon his body can resist a sword. He is as strong as 8 men. 


  • Slaying Baldor
  • Conquering the Coldfells and retaking Moria from the Dwarfs
  • Burnt 1 forth of Fangorn
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