"Hail, Aranuir, son of Arivour, King of the Prometheans!"

Aranuir Edit

Aranuir, son of Arivour is the fifth King of the Peredhel of Promethea, and the most powerful. He was known for his sword Aglaredhel, a Nimrolite Blade that glowed gold-orange, and known for his achievement; slaying Uzkhabar the Great Uruk.

Race Edit

Aranuir is a Peredhel, or half-elf; the inhabitants of Nan Pervan in the White Mts. He had the best of both sides; bulky and muscular, but swift and agile. He had the average physical features of his race, and despised orcs.

Faction & Role Edit

Aranuir is the current king of the kingdom of Promethea, a fair kingdom of half-elves. He is in charge of the military and the government. He is arguably one of the greatest Kings Promethea had ever seen, because of his great achievements, and great leaderships skills.

Weapons Edit

Aranuir wielded one of the legendary Nimrolite Blades, passed down from his father Arivour. His Nimrolite Blade, Aglaredhel, glowed gold with an orange tint, unique to any sword. When Aglaredhel glowed, all orcs feared for their lives and ran. Those who didn't run fast enough were butchered, even if a Blackbeard Dwarf with Wraivorn armor challenged the might of Aglaredhel, they would be cut in half.

Achievements Edit

Aranuir has many great achievements under the kingdom of Promethea, here are the most notable.

  • Slaying Uzkhabar the White Uruk War-chief. Uzkhabar had once slain Aranuir's father, Arivour, and many Peredhelian warriors. Killing Uzkhabar earned him great fame and mortally wounded the power of the White Uruks,
  • Making an alliance with Southgard. When the Blackbeard Dwarves attacked the jungles of Southgard, Promethea with Aranuir at its head came to their aid and defeated the Blackbeards. Aranuir himself slayed Gombur the Black, Lord of the Blackbeards in battle.

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