The Aristaeus-Empire is a mighty Empire ruled by the Aristaeus or Frostlings, the descendants of Snow Elves twisted and changed by the vile poisons of Morgoth. They live in the farthest northern regions of Forodwaith north of the Ruins of Utumno, able to withstand the intense cold due to the unseen effects of Morgoth's taint of their folk.

History Edit

The Aristaeus were once the Kangorei, a Snow-Elf tribe who settled north of Angband during the early First Age. Morgoth grew tired of their presence and sent his legions to kidnap every single member of the tribe who were all tortured personally by Morgoth himself, who twisted them into a diminutive folk, unfortunately for Morgoth able to withstand the toughest winters. The Kangorei escaped after the War of Wrath, and rebranded themselves the Aristaeus, or the "Free Folk". They settled in the northern reaches of Forodwaith, and founded their mighty empire unopposed. That was.. until the rise of Skjorr the Bloody and the League of Issgard.....

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