Queen Axilya of Resanor Edit

Axilya is the queen of the Blood-elves of Resanor. She like all elves originated as an Avari and went with the other Future Blood-elves into the underground, to found the great empire of Resanor. She sits apon her jagged throne, ruling upon her subjects.

Race Edit

She is a blood-elf, with very dark red eyes and, of course, blood red hair. She is usually wearing her bulky sarnarcan steel armor painted blood red with a ruby in the center. She is decently tall, at around six feet.

Faction Edit

Axilya is Queen of Resanor, the kingdom of the blood elves. Some of the blood elves were unsatisfied with her laid back and calm leadership, so they rebelled against her. So she sent her guards to stop the rebellion, and stop it they did.

Weapons Edit

She wields a blade made of elven steel and alloyed with sarcarcan steel. Also has a bow made from bloodwood. She is very adept at using both these weapons. she also has much experience with spears, less so with battleaxes and warhammers.

Achievements Edit

  • Stopping the Blood Elf rebellion
  • Slaying Naltar the wicked, of Nalt-Illska
  • Founding the kingdom of Resanor

Friends/Enemies Edit


  • Lords of all the Orcani dwarf clans.
  • Chiefs of the Avari.


  • Orcs
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