The Ayakaba, or Pygmies, are a tribe of Hobbits who separated from the other Hobbits long ago and settled amongst the Tauredain in Far Harad.

History Edit

The Ayakaba awoke with the other Hobbits and Men in Hildorien with the first dawning of the Sun. The Ayakaba had dark skin similar to the ancestors of the other Far Haradrim, and traveled with them to Far Harad. The Ayakaba are actually several distinct groups: the Butima of the Northern Jungle, the Akaba of the Western Arm, the Wata of the East Reach, the Yelega of the southern coast, and the Edzanba of the central rainforest. They have lived closely with the Tauredain since they settled the Jungles, and are considered Tauredain despite their Hobbit ancestry.

Culture Edit

The Ayakaba are primarily hunter-gatherers, who live in villages in the forest and farm only the mango trees, all other sustenance coming from hunting and scavenging. They tame the local dogs called the Obokoza, and use them to great effect when tracking down food. Their primary deity is called Engjia, though they worship countless gods and nature spirits. They have a strong musical tradition, and their traditional choruses of drums, flutes, and singing can be heard daily echoing through the forest.

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