Baldor is a Graednan, and an immense one at that. He was known for cleansing the Mirkwood of Spiders with just him and a friend.

Baldor Edit

Baldor is a Graednan; one of the largest and warlike that ever lived. He was eight and a quarter feet tall and his muscles were as thick as a man's body. He boasted a great long beard with thick hair and dark-brown eyes.

Race Edit

Baldor is one of the Graednan of the Mirkwood Hills; legends that were descended from the Beornings. He was a Chieftian of his village. He has the tall and bulky features of his race, but is more warlike than any of them. He hated the orcs and spiders of Dol Guldur.

Faction & Role Edit

Baldor is of the faction Graednan; counted as a race and a faction. He is a Village Chieftian; the leader of a village with the task to protect, house, and feed the Graednan of the village. But one day, he abandoned his role of Chieftain and set out to the corrupted forest; to cleanse it with the help of Aranuir King of the Prometheans.

Weapons Edit

Baldor used great Nimrolite Battleaxe in battle; a gift to him from the Prometheans. It was so heavy; it needed three men to carry it, but Baldor swung it with two hands without a problem. Behind his hands; he sliced through armor and bone. But if that wasn't enough, the force of his blow sent his opposer flying back a few feet.

Achievements Edit

  • Cleansing the Corrupted Mirkwood of Spiders. He, with thehelp of Aranuir, set off to the southern part of the forest then completely demolished the Grear Spiders dwelling there. After that, the Graednan posted a Spider Patrol in Southern Mirkwood.
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