The Black Mountains are the home of the infamous Blackbeard Dwarves, and other filthy creatures. The Black Mts. border the dark land of Udún in northwestern Mordor.

Location Edit

The Black Mountains are located in Northeastern Mordor, between Dagorlad and Udún. They are the highest mountains in Mordor. Andarr travelled there once.

Inhabitants Edit

The Black Mountains are vast in land, and more land means more inhabitants. Dwarves inhabit these mountains, wicked dwarves of the Blackbeard clan. They were drawn toward the mountains in search of a powerful ore, The Dark Lord Sauron gave them a home and resources here in exchange for their service. Other inhabitants include the Great Trolls and other races of Mordor.

Landscape Edit

The Black Mts. have a landscape very similar to the Mordor Mountains. The peaks of these mountains are the highest in Middle-Earth, even higher than the peaks in the Misties. Valleys are common here, for housing the Dwarves. The land is coved in thorns, brambles, and weeds.

Mining Edit

Mining is abundant here, especially because of the Morcarite ore, A.K.A blood steel. Morcarite is a crimson colored ore used for morcarite armor, which most weapons snap on, and morcarite weapons, which cut through steel like butter. Morcarite, alloyed with Galvorn, creates and indestructable metal known as Wraivorn. A sword of Wraivorn is capable of separating mind from body, and capable of killing Void Eaters.

Structures Edit

These mountains are home to the Dwarves, therefore, most structures are underground or carved into mountains. Notable structures include Dwarven homes, strongholds, and cities.

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