The Blackbeard Dwarves are the most fell and evil clan of Dwarves. They were made evil when Sauron the Dark Lord gave them the Black Mountains in return for their service.

Physical Characteristics Edit

The Blackbeard Dwarves were short, but muscular, like their kin. A unique feature among these Dwarves were their long, black beards, among the longest of their kind. They had keen eyes that could actually see in the darkness like how one sees in the light. This has proven to be one if their best aspects.

Culture & Domains Edit

The Blackbeard Dwarves were known for their barbaric culture. They were known to live above-ground, unlike most dwarves, and were also known to be warlike, unlike other dwarves. Most of these Dwarves actually respected their Mordor orc allies, they liked the skill of the Uruks in battle. These Dwarves were not actually skilled in unarmed combat; their skills lied in the wielding of the superior Morcarite weapons.

Military Edit

The Blackbeard Dwarves were a strong people, due to superior weaponry. The secret to their nearly impenetrable armor and advanced weapons was the smelting of Morcarite ore, the crimson steel of the Black Mountains. Alloyed with Gulduril; it created the deadly Morgorite steel, used for poisoned blades that could cut through steel. Alloyed with Galvorn; it created Wraivorn, a metal used for creating armor nearly impenetrable by any weapon, except for blades made of Nimrolite. With their advanced weaponry; the Blackbeards won many a battle, but what prevented them from overpowering the world was lack of military training.

Enemies/Allies Edit



  • Mordor (Ally)
  • Oracarni Dwarves (Treaty)
  • White Uruks (Friends)
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