Caras Omer is an Elven city on the fair plains of Forlindon, west of the Haladin Emirate and north of Forlond. Caras Omer is known for its skybridges, an architectural feature shared only with Aeronost to the south.

History Edit

Caras Omer was founded in the middle Third Age by the elf-lord Omri Didi. a noble of Nandor descent who realized the untapped potential in the plains of Forlindon and received a charter from Master Cirdan to construct a fortress there. Omri persuaded many of the idle builders and common-folk of Forlond to join him, and his heavy work on both designing and building the fortress, which was inspired by the work of his tutor Lord Aramil of Aeronost, gave him the nickname "Omer the Tan." Omer was the name he took upon founding Caras Omer and becoming its lord, and he wed his friend from Forlond, Luwen, in a great ceremony. They would bear a son Gedai Didi, and Omer would live for several thousands of years well into the Seventh Age of Beleriand Restored.

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