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This is The Black Archives, where fans of Tolkien and his books put their ideas! All non canon things that take place in the LOTR universe are welcome here. There are 2 administrators (Obsidianwiz and Gil~Galad of the Fair Realm) as well as 1 moderator (7777c) on this wiki. (May be outdated)



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The only thing on this wiki that is different from others is this: Use ALL the imagination you want. We have topics from powerful Nimrolite Blades, to legendary Time Traveling! So, share your ideas, and become a well known and respected member of this wiki. If you are still thinking about what to write, take as much time as you need.

Important: Please finish existing pages before making new ones.


Stuff For You Guys!

On this wiki, you can share things you made up in the LOTR universe! Even if you haven't made anything up, I still encourage all of you to come to this wiki and communicate! I also very much encourage the use of forums and chat, and unless I make specific rules, anything goes.

Why use the wiki?

Why use the wiki? Well, creating custom LotR related factions, characters, locations, and items increases creativity greatly! If you have made up your own world in your mind, write about it here!

And 1 Little Last Thing...

The Staff of Custom Lore LOTR wiki thanks you for coming and participating here. We all hope to see you again!

~VideoGamer0516 (Founder)

~Obsidianwiz (Co-Owner)

~Gil~Galad of the Fair Realm (Administrator)

~7777c (Moderator)

~Fargoniac (???)

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