The Eorlingas Aethelcunirce is a powerful empire in the Fourth Age, ruling over Rohan, Enedwaith, and the Vales of Anduin. The empire was founded and is still ruled by the three Althanes: Ereticsheard, descendant of Helm Hammerhand and ruler over Western Rohan and Enedwaith, Ricraefen son of Elfwine, ruler over East Rohan and the Brown Lands, and Cwellanbrand Gushna, ruler of the Anduin Vales. The Three Kings hold council in Hytbold, considered to be the Imperial capital.

History Edit

With the death of Althane Elfwine, Rohan became unstable and many Heah-thanes revolted, including the evil Yelgar who turned his realm into a dictatorship and ravaged the people of Rohan. Ereticsheard, Heah-thane of Westfolde, was one of the few to remain loyal, and together with Althane Ricraefen, they put down the revolt of the evil Yelgar. Many of the tribes in Enedwaith were displeased with the Gondorian government(Eldarion's son Malfurion was a tyrant), so the Rohirrim offered them protection under their rule.

Cwellanbrand, an early adopter of Serrekism, offered to join the Rohirrim nation, under the condition that he would have equal rights as a ruler. Ereticsheard supported these plans as long as he, too would have a Kingship. Thus the triarchy of the Eorlingas Aethelcunirce was born.

Relations Edit

Allies- Arnor, The Noldor Empire, Woodmen of Mirkwood, Kugorite Confederacy

Friends- Moria Dwarves, Glittering Caves, Fangorn

Neutral- Lothlorien, Woodland Realm, Meiyo

Disliked- Gondor, Jegadroz, Graednan, Dorwinion

Enemies- White UruksBlackbeard Dwarves, Restored Eregion, Goblins of the Misty Mountains

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