The Fist of Tulkas is one of the most dominating valarous artifacts a man could ever dream to bear, as it demolishes any enemy who dare challenge the might of Valinor.

Lore Edit

The Fist of Tulkas was a magical gauntlet first created in the First Age by Aulë, Smith of the Valar and Tulkas the Champion. However, it was not used in battle by the Valar, but for the mortal champions of Tulkas as a rewarding boon. It was first given to Fingolfin in the First Age by Tulkas, but lost shortly after losing to Morgoth. It remains lost today.

Appearance Edit

The Fist of Tulkas is similar in terms of appearance and size to the gauntlet of a knight, but can be magically increased or decreased in size to fit the hand of the bearer. It is gold in color, with strips of blue to highlight the Fist. It owns a unique bright-blue aura surrounding it, which glows brighter when orcs are nearby. It can be worn on one's hand, just like any other gauntlet. Sorcerous runes of golden-brown dot along the gauntlet part of the Fist.

Effects/Uses Edit

The Fist of Tulkas is extremely deadly combat-wise. One such aspect of the Fist gives the user the power to magically launch golden fists of energy at any enemy by only swinging your fist. In depth, the Fist of Tulkas enables the bearer to smash, choke, grab, or push opponents with a gold-colored fist of energy as sturdy as mithril hundreds of times larger than a human hand simply by making a motion with one's hand. If you make a flicking motion with one of your hand's, the Fist will produce a magical fist that will flick an enemy directly in front of you. Another aspect of the Fist of Tulkas is it's magical durability and defensive capabilities. If a Mountain Troll wielding a mithril hammer swung down on the Fist as hard as he could, the only effect would be the hammer shattering.

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