"We are the Guard that stands at the Doors of Hell itself" - Unknown, attributed to Haraldr Blátonn.

The Hellguard Edit

The Fjárinnvörð, or Hellguard, is an elite order of the Free Peoples dedicated to ensuring that the evil within Utumno remains confined there and unable to threaten Middle-Earth. They were founded by the Issgardian adventurer Haraldr Blátonn, when he stumbled upon the ruins of Utumno and managed to rescue hundreds of tormented elves from its grasp.

Out of the Pits of Hell Edit

Haraldr Blátonn was an esteemed adventurer who scouted out Forodwaith for the League of Issgard. One day, he stumbled upon a strange ruin in a dark valley between the Mountains of Ice.

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