The Gizri Empire is one of two nations on Tol Hith in the time of the War of the Ring, controlling the southern coast of Tol Hith and the majority of the islands in the broader Patzcuar Archipelago just to the south.

History Edit

The Gizri Empire was founded by the Gizri people, one of the Four Founding Tribes of Tol Hith who settled the island of Gizr, second largest in the Patzcuar Archipelago. The Gizri were allied with the Tuktani, but did not support them when the Rangers of the South arrived. They maintained friendly relations with the Rangers for the majority of the Third Age, as they built their empire in the southern isles. They struck in the timeframe of Bilbo's journey to Lonely Mountain, having amassed a strong army stilled in the use of blunt weapons such as the gear-like Quechaan and the easily throwable Kuluka clubs. They are still at war, both in relatively equal strength and skirmishing over the salt flats of Llikh in the southern parts of Tol Hith.

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