The Haladin Emirate of Sultanim, or simply Sultanim, is a nation located in the forests of Lindon, formed by the Haladin who remained in Middle-Earth after the War of Wrath but never formed an organized society until the Sixth Age, instead existing as tribes who paid only lip service to their Noldor overlords. They are known for their matriarchal society and stubborn reliance on hunting-gathering together with small-scale farming.

History Edit

The Haladin Emirate first formed in the early Sixth Age, when the enterprising Haleth XVIII decided it was time for her tribe, the Sulta, to stop being semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers and establish a society more like their neighbors the Noldor. Donning the shield of the legendary warrior Sult, she rallied the four tribes of the Haladin to her banner, calling upon a new age where the Haladin of Eryn Lindon would be more than just an isolated tribe, a footnote in the history of the Noldor. She established the Emi system, where the four tribes would meet yearly along the fertile riverbanks of the Sulta lands. There she founded Sultanim(City of the Sultas), a small village which would later grow to be the largest settlement of all of Eryn Lindon. Her daughter(for succession in the Haladin went mother to daughter), Ilewi I, would establish a diplomatic mission in Caras Omer to the west, securing Sultanim's status as an independent nation as she persuaded the reluctant Noldor king to grant them a charter of independence that they may govern their own lands, now that they are no more but a tribe of wildmen in a small forest. Even to this day after the Rebirth of Beleriand, in the Seventh Age, Sultanim thrives.

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