Hrafnaland is the largest island in Forodwaith, settled by the Shorilanders and home to the Zemgal League.

Geography Edit

Hrafnaland is a very mountainous land, many rugged volcanic ridges slicing the island into small valleys. There are also several great ice caps, fir example the great Arnegblod Ice Cap in the center of the island in the valley of an extinct caldera. Despite this, or perhaps because of the volcanism, the place is a relatively temperate region, with grasses and trees growing readily in the south. Hrafnaland is one of the few hospitable places in Forodwaith, and this and the strategic location connecting the Lossoth realms with the eastern Kingdoms of Illuin has made Zemgal very prosperous.

History Edit

Hrafnaland was originally settled by Hrafnar Lygskaete, a Shorilander explorer who discovered the region during the great age of the Shorilanders, where their influence stretched across Middle-earth and their name was feared even in the ports of Gondor. Hrafnar and his men settled at the southern bay of the island, quickly assimilating the natives who called the place Ib, and there the founded the city of Kiel. Soon, more city-states sprang up, and Kiel's dominance fell to that of Zemgale(named after the Zemgalen tribe). Zemgale would come to unite the city-states in a mercantile confederation that would hold dominance over trade in the northern seas by the time of the War of the Ring. In the northern tundras and scrublands, a more primitive way of life was followed, a commonwealth where priest-judges called Godis convened each year in a semi-direct democratic system. The northerners mostly herded sheep and goats, especially the Silver Rams native to the island. The Zemgals could'nt care less about the northerners, as their seas are permanently icelocked and have no valuable resources.

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