Traits Edit

Being a former maia of Yavanna, yet with some strange Vala origins, Ilma has the ability to control plants, making her useful to Morgoth (curse his name). she formed an army of carnivorous and in general deadly plants that currently hide deep in the jungles of Far Harad waiting for her. However she became the queen of the vampires de-throning Thuringwethil and gained the traits of a vampire.

Race Edit

Half Maia, Half Vala

Faction & Role Edit

Ilma is the wife of Sauron and Queen of the Vampires of Morgoth (once again curse his name)

Weapon Edit

Her fangs and claws are her weapons.

Short Biography Edit

Ilma was a half maia half Vala serving Yavanna but later went to serve Morgoth and marry the Dark Lord Mairon and become the Dark Lady and went on to de-throne Thuringwethil and become Queen Of The Vampires. 

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