Imperial Jupo is a kingdom based off the shogunate period of Japan, Split into many kingdoms following a Warcheif and High-Emperor they also share Characteristics from the Holy Roman Empires goverment form.

Culture&Domain Edit

The Men of Jupo stayed out of the buisness of the west... Much like the Shoguns of Japan, Mixing their beliefs with ancestor worship and the belief of a pantheon of gods, the men of Jupo lived in south eastern rhun. Their Culture was strongly in belief of the Andúnë-Amandil, The Sunset Preists, Very similiar to samurai in their codes of honor, They were both warriors and the holy men, only commanded by the high-emperor of the jupo kingdoms, not even the Warlord had command over them.


Military Edit

The Smiths of Jupo developed armor and weaponry with a metal native to their Kingdom, Ekusukaribā, a metal strong enough to pierce the armor of galvorn if laced with strong enough alloys, the metal Ekusukaribā is used only by the Sunset Preists and the Emperor. The Strongest asset of the Jupo were their bow and arrows, their arrows being tipped by the Ekusukaribā and other alloys. The militaristic minds of the Warlord and Emperor grant them Millitary might to match most empires of man in the west, but they would never march as their policy is stricy isolation.

Enemys/Allies Edit


  • The Easterlings


  • Wainriders
  • Zdarvok
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