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Itallië Cal'endurë


Went with the first elves out of Cuiviénen... Yeah, too old to calculate.


Teleri/Noldor elf (small part Maiar aswell)




Blonde hair, Green eyes, Fairly tall (as elves go) and strikingly beautiful (to hear most tell it)


As soon as she arrived in Valimar, she took a shine to Varda, and vice versa. Before long she was one of the leaders of the Vardilli and high up in the world. However, she was sent along to watch over the Noldor when she left with a small group of highly skilled friends. Now, she is all that remains of that group. She survives from her cunning, and her sheer will to live. Without her, Arda would not be the place it is. She alone has prevented wars, but longs to return to Valimar and leave Endore to its fate. But she knows that until all of Melkor's corruption is gone, she cannot. And that is her fate, to fight evil 'til the end of time.

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