Not all of the Maiar who entered Arda were corrupted into demons by the foul powers of Melkor. A small group went to the northernmost part of Arda, eventually becoming the Jötunn. They are bigger, stronger, and more resilient then Men or Elves, and they are equal in wit. They also possess immortality, in the sense that they will not die unless killed, much like the Elves. Due to their realm being located so far to the north, they are unaware of all conflicts in Middle-earth. They will not hesitate to kill outsiders or any others who are outwardly hostile or pose any threat to them, though.

Counterparts Edit

The Jötunn are obviously based off the Jötunn from Norse mythology, and not from Marvel's watered-down, kid-friendly version of it.

Relations with other factions Edit

Little-to-no contacts has occurred between the Jötunn and any other races in Middle-Earth.

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