The Juagua live in the jungles of far Harad. They are adaptable and able to change skin color to blend into their environment.

Physical Characteristics Edit

The Juagua are short but muscular allowing them to swing from vines and hide on thin branches. They are quick and infamous for their tactics of attacking enemies. They are one of the very few races in middle earth that can change skin color to blend into their environment.

Culture & Domain Edit

These elves are known for their secretiveness, and their rouge like nature. They preform many ceremonies honoring their friendships with the Taruedain and even accepting the Taruedain to live in their cities. They live in the far south of the far Harad jungle.

Military Edit

These elves are sneaky and can swing from vines, jump from trees and anything else to ambush attackers. They commonly wield weapons of Magua, an alloy found only in the jungle. Their weapon of choice is blow darts and daggers, but can be seen using waraxes, warhammers, swords and bows. They are overall the best at setting ambushes and laying traps.

Enemies/Allies Edit


  • Near Haradirm
  • Moredain
  • Mordor


  • Southgard (Vassal)
  • Galadhirm (Friends)
  • Tauredain (Friends)
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