The Republic of Kharrorch, or just Kharrorch, is a republican state in southern Rhun formed by descendants of escaped Orcish and Troll slaves.

Location Edit

Kharrorch was mostly in the northeastern desolation and areas around it. It started from a few ruined halls of the Death Elves, but soon blossomed into a village. And then a city. And then even an empire.

History Edit

The Kharrorch were originally founded by the slave Ghrantara, who, like many other orcs, spent years toiling in the farms of Nurn. When her master died, she freed her fellow slaves and liberated almost all of Eastern Nurn. They fought long and hard against Sauron, eventually migrating from Mordor to the eastern desolation where they settled. They then became a powerful city-state and challenged Mordor's power in the Desolation.

(To be completed later. FEEL FREE TO EXPAND though, as long as you keep the idea of a good-aligned Orcish democracy founded by escaped slaves. ~Fargoniac)

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