King Pyrder of southgard Edit

Pyrder is one of the first elves to rise in the elven awakening, and is known to be the wisest of all elves. After the war with nalt-illska he is known as the High-King of all elves.

Race Edit

Pyrder originated as an avari but today is known as jungle/sea elf. Jungle elves are quiet, sneaky and strong to use all the assets of the jungle to their advantage. Sea-elves are quick, strong and tall, to help them swim faster in the oceans and lakes.

Faction Edit

Pyrder is king of Southgard, and High-King of all elven races.

Weapons Edit

Pyrder Wields a massive broadsword named wi'nterthorn. The ones who have faced him and lived say it bites like ice and burns like fire. He also wields a Nimrolite blade as a backup weapon. Also has a bow handcrafted by Galandriel

Achievements Edit

Slayer of Foron (General of Nalt-Illska)

Slew one of Morgoth's fell dragons

Defeated thousands of orc legions alone

Been to almost every region of Middle earth

Friends/Enemies Edit


  • Most people of all races except orcs.
  • All elven kings


  • Orcs
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