The Kugorite Confederacy, or just the Kugorites, are a tribal people who inhabit the Brown Lands.

History Edit

The Kugorites originated in the late Third Ahe, when some Wainriders who had settled down in the Brown Lands and never were fully driven out by the Gondorians united into a league, dedicated to protecting their people from both Gondor and the forces of Sauron. The Kugorites hid out until the Fourth Age, when Aragorn contacted them and offered them equal rights in his empire. These lands became the province of Kugorath, and this time was when their shamanistic faith of Serrekism began to spread westward. Under Malfurion's reign of terror, the Kugrited rebelled together with the Enedwaithians, and they secured an independent state allied to the Eorlingas Aethelcunirce in the eastern Brown Lands and southern Rhovanion, just bordering the Eastern Elven Empire.

Culture Edit

Kugorite culture is primitive, mostly relying on a pastoral nomadic system in summer and hunting and gathering in the winter. Typical tents are made from the leathery skin of wyverns, a race of docile dragon-like creatures who nest in the Brown Lands. Their flesh is often used as food, though when they retreat into the Mountains of Mordor in the summer the Kugorites have to migrate towards southern Rhovanion, where grazing animals are plentiful. Their camps often have pit fires, with the ancient trees being used as plentiful fuel. The Kugorites, unlike most other Near Easterlings, do not ride horses and migrate solely on foot.

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