The League of Issgard is a militaristic nation located on the island of Issdelir north of Forodwaith and west of Hrafnaland. They are very powerful, and their soldiers are well adapted to the cold climate. The League of Issgard proves a serious threat to the Aristaeus-Empire in their current war, even despite their war with the Zemgal League on Hrafnaland.

History Edit

The League of Issgard finds its origin in the Shorilanders of Ragnarr Rauða, a merciless Shorilander raider who razed the High Elven city of Dol Arain to the ground. Ragnarr was a stout believer in Tóör Blóðing, the Shorilander god of war and violence. After he was betrayed by his trusted chancellor Grettirhuvs Ljómifæti, his raiders reformed under the command of Skjorr, the most brutal and cruel of Ragnarr's band. Skjorr led the raiders to the isolated island of Issdelir, where they settled managing to survive through their great endurance and efficiency of labor. Under Koddlakir son of Fylkirir son of Skjorr, they led a devastating attack on the Aristaeus-Empire which sparked the conflict that continues today.

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