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The Longbow of Oromë is the most legendary artifacts a hunter could ever dare to hold. Hunters with the Longbow shall hunt cave bears with the same ease as they once did hunt a rabbit.

Lore Edit

The Longbow of Oromë is a magical bow of legend first forged and strung in the First Age, at the same time as the other Valarous Artifacs, such as the Fist of Tulkas, but this time created by the unmatched Valar Aulë and of course, imbued with the power of the owner of the Longbow- Oromë. It was first given to an unnamed Vanyran elf who hunted with Oromë. The young Vanyaran elf finally came to Middle-Earth in order to stop the rebellion of Morgoth, but was slain by Gothmog, Captain of the Balrogs. Gothmog had whipped the Longbow out of the elf's hands, resulting in the Longbow lost, as it still is today.

Appearance Edit

Oromë's Longbow looks similar to that of a Galadhrim Longbow, with a golden color and with emerald gem highlights, and strips of green energy that form patterns along the bow. The golden part of the bow is of Mallorn Wood directly from the strongest trees of Lothlórien, and the bowstring is of the most steadfast silk of Ungoliant, purified by Manwë himself.

Effects & Uses Edit

The Longbow of Oromë gifts the bearer with an array of potent magical and physical aspects. The most simple and devastating use is the how's uncanny magical ability to not use man-made, physical arrows, but magical, limitless arrows. One does not need arrows to fire the bow- they simply need to pull back on the Longbow's bowstring on the spot where the arrow would've been placed as if they were nocking an arrow; the action producing a glowing green arrow that the bearer can fire at will. The magical arrow produced by the Longbow is no ordinary arrow- but a spectral bolt of sorcery that directly pierces enemy armor, and skin without even staggering. The passive aspects of the bow are it's ability to draw faster than even a Mirkwood bow, having the durability to never break, and fire up to 2 miles.

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