Magua is a flexible and hard metal only found in the jungles of Far Harad. It has the rarity of iron so it is not that durable or strong.

Appearance Edit

Magua in ingot form is a dark green color with a brownish tint, in ore form Magua is purely green color.

Obtaining Edit

Magua is found in the jungles of Far Harad and only there. It is common in the earth, and rare on the surface. It is found in veins of 10-23 ounces at a time, enough to make 2-4 ingots of Magua.

Uses Edit

It is used commonly by the Juagua for light armor, and weapons. Mainly daggers. Magua armor is flexible to to fit the movements of the Juagua and the daggers are reliable to hold up and stay sharp in a battle. It is also used for heavier armor and swords/battleaxes/warhammers for the heavier legions of Juagua warriors. Some Tauredain warriors also use Magua.

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