Mithmaron Ellastorine is an Elven Hunter from Edhellond who has been influential in driving the orcs out of the valley of Falathlorn east of the northern Blue Mountains and north of Mithlond.

Early Life Edit

Mithmaron was born to Ellastor, brother of Amroth, and his wife the former Jupon imperial concubine and Empress Dowager of Avari descent Sharlotta. Ellastor made many journeys in the east, and he stayed at the Jupon court for many years. There he met the former Empress Dowager of Jupo Sharlotta, and they soon fell in love and married. Ellastor and Jupo moved back to the west, settling in Ellastor's brother's city of Edhellond. There Mithmaron was born, and he lived there for a couple centuries until Amroth drowned and Edhellond was abandoned. Then they moved to the city of Celondim north of Mithlond along the Lune, and there Mithmaron lived for the rest of the Third Age. Mithmaron was trained as a hunter, being skilled in tracking, archery, and hand-to-hand combat. Despite this training, Mithmaron became a vegan, vowing to only use his talents to hunt the forces of evil.

Physical Description Edit

Mithmaron is tall, even for elves, with his form towering above many of his comrades. He is slender and acrobatic, and while he has strong muscles they are barely visible through his lamellar. His brown hair goes down to his shoulders, and is typically left free due to the constrains of his helmet on potential hairstyles.

Weapons and Armor Edit

Mithmaron wields a bow of the finest Lairelosse wood, carved by his good friend Ladda the Bowmaker. He also wields a great double-sided Glaive, which he uses to much efficiency dicing the waves of goblins that frequently attack Falathlorn. He wears elvish Lamellar armor, being easily movable but also sturdy and suiting his purposes as a hunter of evil.

Achievements Edit

Cleansing Falathlorn of evil

Rediscovering the Yavannan tradition of veganism and popularising it

Friends and Foes Edit


Ladda the Bowmaker, his platonic life partner

Celoglas, Lord of Falathlorn

Emperor Miyamosu of Jupo, his half-brother via his mother Sharlotta


All orcs, he believes them to be inherently evil and incapable of redemption

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