Being a spawn of two powerful Maiar, Morcaran has unbelievable powers, which he uses to aid the Dark Lord Sauron in war, and to command the Nazgûl.

Traits Edit

Morcaran is a Maia, so he has immense strength and abilities that far exceed the power of a mortal man, or elf. He stands seven feet and three inches. His bulk is immense, and his skin is as dark as charcoal, with a void-black mohawk with piercing red eyes as bright as a roaring fire. He is fully resistant to fire and poison.

Race Edit

Morcaran is, as stated above, a Maia. But not just any vala-serving Maia, but the son of Ilma and of Sauron. He has the powers and cruel mind of both of his parents.

Faction & Role Edit

Morcaran is the right hand man of Sauron, meaning he second in command of the dark legions of Mordor. He commands the Nazgûl, after a mistake in which Gollum didn't trip, and Morcaran came into Mount Doom to reclaim the ring. He replaced the Witch King after he passed into the void.

Weapon Edit

Morcaran is one of the most powerful and cruel beings in Arda. His best physical weapon, are his stingers. He adopted a terrible trait from his mother Shelob, in which long four, long, flexible stingers pop out of the back of his body. Two are on his shoulder blades, the two others directly above his right and left hips. They are deadly and frightening, he can stab them back and forth with amazing speed, killing men in seconds. If the spear-like stingers won't kill the man, then the withering poison will. Another weapon of his is fire, he can fire concentrated blasts of fire from his palm, and control nearby fire from torches to burn things. His only weakness is not having a weapon made of steel, or any other material.

Short Biography Edit

Morcaran was born sometime in the beginning of the Third Age. Sauron had just entered Mordor using Cirith Ungol, there he and Ilma had a while, who, several days later, puked out Morcaran. Sauron brought Morcaran to Barad-Dur, where he had his most skilled swordsman train him. Sauron himself taught Morcaran deadly magic and forged Morcaran's armor. Upon two hundred years, Morcaran became the feared captain of the Nazgûl, who most more terrible then all of them combined.

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