Morkhaz the Black Uruk Edit

Morkhaz has many names, most based on his achievements. Among his enemies, he is called Morkhaz the Red Giant, among friends, he is called Black Maggot.

Race Edit

Morkhaz is a Black Uruk, an elite breed of orcs from the desolate Mordor. Physical features among his race include black skin, red eyes, and large muscles.

Faction Edit

Morkhaz is a Black Uruk, therefore, he is in the faction Mordor. More specifically, Udün, the northeastern valley of Mordor. He is very loyal to orcs higher than him, unlike his kin.

Weapons Edit

Morkhaz is one of the greatest warriors in Mordor, because of his brute strength, and of course, his battleaxe; Morsigil, a double headed Black Uruk battleaxe given to him by Morcaran the Nazgúl himself. When it strikes an enemy, it emits the deadly effects similar to the Morgul Blade.

Friends/Enemies Edit


  • Morcaran the Nazgúl (Teacher and Friend)
  • Most Black Uruks


  • All filthy free people of Middle Earth
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