The Mumak-Khazad are a race of Dwarves living in the Harad Mountains. They were originally Firebeard and Broadbeam dwarves fleeing the destruction of Beleriand, but have now become a unique culture influenced by the Moredain and Bellakaze.


The Mumak-Khazad are descendants of the Dwarves of Zuko-Dum at the Southern tip of the Blue Mountains. The War of Wrath sunk their home, and as such they sailed southward, finding the rocky shore of Bellakar. The Bellakaze tribes welcomed them, and allowed them to settle in the Grey Mountains, a range of mountains that separates the Tedjin tribes from Bellakar. There they made the cities of Mumak-Khazad and Krak Angura, and discovered the Pygmy Oliuphants, a race of small Oliuphants comparable in size to horses. They tamed and now ride the Pygmy Oliuphants.

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Mumak-Khazad names are often guttural, Khuzdul names which reflect their distance from foreign influences. The Mumak-Khazad have preserved the ancient Firebeard and Broadbeam cultures better than their northern brethren, and their names are similar to those listed in the MERP's list of Khuzdul Names. Mumak-Khazad typically take no last names other than the patronymics.

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