Nagluk was the first Half-Troll King of Tol Torog. He ruled with an iron fist, and sought to crush the free peoples and expand his empire.

Nagluk Edit

Nagluk was the King of Tol Torog, appointed by Nahir. He ruled his kingdom with an iron fist, having no mercy to anyone or anything that threatened his kingdom. In times of war, he looked to his advisor, a man nicknamed 'Summer', for advice.

Race Edit

Nagluk was a Half-Troll, an inhabitant of Pertorogwaith. He was the chieftain of the greatest Half-Troll tribe before Nahir came along, founded Tol Torog, and civilized his tribe. Nagluk worshipped him as a god, and in return Nahir granted him immortality, and his very own Ring of the Inferno.

Faction & Role Edit

Nagluk was originally the chieftain of Pertorogwaith's greatest tribe. Then, Nahir came along and enslaved the other tribes, noticing that Nagluk's tribe was above the others. He civilized the Half-Trolls, granted Nagluk immortality, and made him King of Tol Torog.

Achievements Edit

  • Slaughtering hundreds of fellow Half-Trolls (& Free Peoples)
  • Becoming the King of Tol Torog
  • Obtaining the Ring of the Inferno
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