Nahir was a Maia, a servant of Morgoth, and probably the most violent pyromaniac in Middle Earth.

Nahir Edit

Nahir was an Maia, a spirit created by Eru Illuvatar. However, he was corrupted by Melkor, and led out of Valinor to aid Melkor in the War of the Jewels. He was a Pyromaniac, obsessed with setting things on fire. This is why he stole the Ring of the Inferno.

Race Edit


Nahir was a Maia that was corrupted by Melkor. As a result, he prefered the term "Umaia". He was usually formless, but when he wanted to, he could take the form of either a great firestorm, or a red-haired man.

Faction & Role Edit

Nahir was a smith serving under Aule, but was corrupted by Melkor and decided to destroy with fire rather than create with it. He served under Melkor during the War of the Jewels, as his master smith. He longed to go out onto the battlefield, but he obeyed his master and continued to forge weapons and armor for the orcs.

Achievements Edit

  • Forging the greatest of Angband's weaponry.
  • Stealing the Ring of the Inferno and corrupting it.
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