Nimrolite is one of the greatest resources a defender of the free peoples could have, but sadly, it is impossible to retrieve, due to the ancestors of the Peredhel relieving the mines of Nan Pervan of Nimrolite.

Obtaining Edit

Today, Nimrolite is impossible to obtain, because (as stated above) the ancestors of the Peredhel completely relieved the mines in the White Mts. of Nimrolite, only a few valiant warriors own the treasured Nimrolite Blades, created from Nimrolite long ago.

Uses Edit

The gem of Nimrolite is used for enchanting the blades of the Peredhel, this is achieve by placing a Nimrolite gem inside the hilt of the elven blades of the Peredhel. When enchanted, the blade becomes a "Nimrolite Blade", one of the most powerful weapons a man could wield. When evil is near, the Nimrolite Blade glows gold, similar to a Quendite/Elven sword. Sadly, their are only a few Nimrolite Blades left in the world. All of them were forged by the great elven smiths in ages long before the founding of Promethea, and were passed down from one great warrior to the next.

Appearance Edit

The Nimrolite crystal bears a striking similarity to a quendite crystal, but is yellow in hue. It also retains a faint golden glow that glows brighter when orcs are nearby.

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