A Nimrolite Blade is one of the greatest weapons a warrior can wield. But sadly; it is impossible to retrieve unless you are a warrior of Promethea.

Obtaining Edit

A Nimrolite Blade is unobtainable, unless you are a valiant half-elf of Promethea, or have been gifted one. There are only a few of these treasures left in the world, and they are only wielded by the greatest warriors. All of them were forged by the great Elven smiths in ages long before the founding of Promethea. Sadly, the methods of forging these blades have been forgotten.

Battle Uses Edit

A Nimrolite Blade can cut through mithril armor like it's butter. But the Nimrolite blade was made for a special purpose; slaying all that is evil in the world, be it a Dwarf, Orc, or Hobbit, if it senses evil nearby, it glows. It doesn't just glow; the blade part of the sword glows gold-yellow and when it touches anything unworthy, it annihilates them. Lets just say if you slice an orc with a non-glowing Nimrolite blade, the blade is like a hot knife and the orc is butter. But with a golden, glowing Nimrolite Blade, the blade is a burning broadsword and the orc is melting butter. That's how powerful it is when glowing.

Wielders Edit

Kaldaron (The First King of Promethea)

  • Aldacar (The Second King of Promethea)
  • Haldaron (The Third King of Promethea)
  • Baranor (The First Steward of Promethea)
  • Arivour (The Fourth King of Promethea)
  • Aranuir (The Fifth King of Promethea)
  • Pyrder (High-king of all elves)
  • Brac the Lucky (Slayer of Arivour)
  • Aymon (Reclaimer of Agrangel)

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