O'khasis is a mighty theocratic city-state in the Uttermost East of Rhun, east of Resanor and north of Imperial Jupo.

History Edit

O'khasis was founded by the great warlord Akeutas Wendral in the middle First Age, who together with the exiled dragon Udoncadar united most of the Uttermost East into a great empire known as Womaw. O'khasis(City on the river Khasis in Womarin) was built to be his imperial capital, but when the empire collapsed three centuries after his death the city became merely one of many feuding city-states in the region. In the Third Age many centuries later, the Ainurind or Demigod Esmund Gereast(which became Ro'Meave or "Shadow-born" in Womarin) took advantage of this situation, together with his wife Irene the Matron quickly siezing power from the republican government in a coup, and established themselves as the dominant power in the region. After Esmund and his son Garte had passed, the Ro'Meave lord Zane became ruler of the city. Zane instituted a new theocratic form of government, focused on the worship of his god Morghash. He also recovered many Ainurindi relics and became one of the most powerful beings in Arda. Under his rule, O'khasis has become even more powerful than Womaw at its height.

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