The race of the Peredhel is one of the fairest, but most valiant races of good. The Peredhel are half elven, half man, and are immortal. Peredhel itself means "Half Elf".

Traits Edit

The Peredhel are half elven, half man, so they are immortal, meaning they can only die in battle, not from old age. The Peredhel are tall, the average height of one is six foot two. They are swift and agile like elves, but bulky and tall like men. They are usually light-skinned, with short, thick hair to long hair. Most have blue or green eyes, with a curved straight nose.

Culture & Domains Edit

Nobody knows where the Peredhel originated from. Some say they were from a nameless island much like Numenor. They had a rich and unique culture. They loved the arts but were also valiant warriors. They had glowing white and blue cities, with white roads and nature everywhere. The valley Nan Pervan which housed the great city Minas Beinost; home of the King of Promethea.

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