The Perorch, AKA The Forgotten Ones, are a desperate race of half-orcish elves. They are outcasts to everyone, and most live as extremely efficient sellswords.

Characteristics Edit

The Perorch, meaning half-orc, look like filthy, stout Elves, with pale white, to dark green skin. Most have long but unkept dark hair, and lime-green to yellow eyes. They had odd short legs, but tall bodies and long arms, perfect for their deadly bows. All Perorchs were immortal, and had almost double the regeneration speed, and double the starvation duration of any man or elf.

Culture & Domains Edit

The Perorch's originated from Nan Ungol. They were once a fell race of orcs. But one day, a company of Dark Elves visited the forbidden valley, and breeded with the orcs that lived their. The results were the Perorchs. Today, they live in the Easternmost part of Harondor, in the fortress Barad-Morsigil. The Perorch's lived the lives of a mercenary. Haradrims, Orcs, Gondorians, and other factions hired them for extremely high prices in Barad-Morsigil, a fort also used for war. They only interacted with other factions with war, or mercenary work. In eastern Harondor, an ocean is nearby; the source of their food. The Perorch's lived on mostly fish, and ate scarcely.

Etymology Edit

Perorch means "Half Orc". Another name for them would be Orchedhel, meaning "Orc-Elf"

Military Edit

The Perorch's were mostly all sellswords, but when they have a feud with another faction, all are called to war. Their wraith is extremely mighty, due to them being faster than men, stronger, longer-armed, and extremely naturally healthier. Their feud was mostly with the Half-Elves of Promethea. They were evenly matched with them. Other orc faction often asked them for aid in war against Promethea, which the Perorch's accepted by being payed extravagantly. They often used Galvorn and Wraivorn weaponry.

Allies/Enemies Edit


  • White Uruks (Allies)
  • Mordor (Employer)
  • Near Harad (Employer)


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