Promethea was a great kingdom of beings half elvish and half men. Being a mix of these two powerful races, they had many allies and were very powerful.

Culture & Domain Edit

The kingdom of Promethea lay in the valley of Nan Pervan in the southernmost White Mountains, where they had a surplus of food and resources. The Peredhel (half-elves) had a unique culture; they loved the arts but were also valiant warriors. They had huge white and blue cities with displays of nature everywhere. They absolutely despised orcs and did not hesitate to kill them with their deadly Nimrolite Blades. But they did this rarely; because no orc would dare trespass and face the wrath of the Peredhel.

Military Edit

The half-elves of Promethea were among the best warriors of Arda because of their superior weapons and lifetimes of military training. They used the now-extinct Nimrolite crystals to purify and enchant their elven blades and decorated and enchanted their armour with it. The Peredhel also had a superior military because of their long military training. Peredhel were immortal, due to them being half-elven which meant that their ancestors had chosen to be counted as elvish rather than men. They spent 80 years, starting at age 20 training. They used Nimrolite Blades (Similar to Quendite Blades) to easily butcher the Spawn of Morgoth, each Peredhel was worth 3 Mordor orcs.

Enemies/Allies Edit


  • Southgard (Ally)
  • Gondor (Ally)
  • Lothlorien (Ally)


The Peredhel of Promethea

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