Qadjadar was a short-lived state in modern-day Bellakar, founded by the Tedjin Queen Joam-Tuv.

History Edit

Qadjadar was founded by the Tedjin Queen and former concubine of Ar-Sakalure Joam-Tuv in the year TA 930. Tired of her people being raped, enslaved, and their culture suppressed by their Bellakarani overlords, she assassinated the King and his guards and took control in a coup. Though she was originally reviled as a traitor and evil, she soon won the hearts of her people and by the time of her death in TA 1002 was seen as a saint in both Kâthasaptha and the Cult of Ishtra for her institution of gender equality, freeing the Tedjin people, and re-establishing friendly relations with Gondor.

Her successor Dzingilush, however, was a cold-hearted ruler who believed militarism and order was necessary to maintain the security of his people. He was swiftly deposed, and a civil war continued until circa TA 1069 when the patricians of Urezayan founded the Second Entaile. Bellakar would never again have such power and standing in the world as they did under Joam-Tuv.

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