Queen Tanelia of Southgard Edit

Tanelia is the daughter of Maedros, and queen of Southgard. She is arguably the most beautiful elf maiden in middle earth. Even behind the pretty face, she is a warrior and an adventurer.

Race Edit

Tanelia orginiated from the house of Maedros and is related to the house of Fingon. She is Noldor, with Juagua and Syuvia in her.

Faction Edit

Tanelia is the Queen of Southgard and Pyrder's spouse.

Weapons Edit

She wields a curved Seaite blade, and a Magua dagger as a backup weapon. She is also adopted archery wielding a bow handcrafted by Galadriel.

Achievements Edit

She has slain a balrog

She is one of the few to wield a bow handcrafted by Galadriel

She has been to almost every region in Arda.

Victim of Nalt Illska's second rise.

Friends/Enemies Edit


  • Most people of all the races. (Except of course orcs)
  • All elven Queens


  • Orcs
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