The Rangers of the South are the last remnants of the "lost colony" of Gondor on Tol Hith, thought to have been destroyed but actually thriving.

History Edit

Under Cemendur, the Fourth King of Gondor, Gondor prospered and voyagers set sail from her ports across all of Arda. One Gondorian Ranger and Mariner, Aegnor, had a bold plan to establish a colony in Far Harad on the island of Tol Hith. After gaining royal approval and a large company of followers, Aegnor and his men set sail for Tol Hith, where they established the city of Niadenud atop the great Baobabs of the island. No ships ever sailed back from the colony of Niadenud, and it was deemed an unsuccessful effort and the colony dead.

However, Niadenud was not destroyed or lost. Aegnor and his colony allied with and interbred with the local Sarpa and Kurakakun natives of Tol Hith's central mountain range. Niadenud grew to be a great treetop city, and the newly deemed Rangers of the South unified much of the island. Now under the rule of Pachaquti Inqa Yupanqi, a Ranger with Kurakakun ancestry, the Rangers of the South are poised to unite the isle of Tol Hith and the surrounding islands.

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