Resanor was a great underground kingdom of Blood Elves. They lived in harmony, unknown to the rest of Middle Earth.

Location Edit

The kingdom of Resanor sat within the bloodred mountain of Angul, in the Red Mountains. The city was contructed of Sarnarcan brick, and contain many wooden bridges across chasms. In the depths of these chasms was the great volcano of Angul.

Military Edit

The blood elves of Resanor were very skilled in combat with their red armor and eyes. The blood elves were also very skilled at magic and could drain the blood of their enemies. Their armor was made of elven steel alloyed with sarcarcan steel.

Enemies/Allies Edit


  • Red Mountains Dwarves
  • Avari Elves
  • Lake-Men
  • Dorwinion


  • Wainriders
  • Mordor
  • Near Haradrim
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