The Ring of the Beast is one of the legendary Rings of Power, magical rings created by the Valar. This ring has one of the most amazing and deadliest effects; morphing into animals.

Lore Edit

The Ring or the Beast was forged by the Valar Orõme, lord of the hunt. The ring was given to the White Stag, a pure white stag created by Orõme that lurks in the Celebtaurë. But it was no ordinary game; it ran seventy MPH, and had antlers made of mithril, and as sharp as a mithril sword. Orõme only wanted the greatest hunter to boast the Ring of the Beast and the trophies of the White Stag.

Appearance Edit

The Ring of the Beast is bronze in color, and has crimson markings on it. It's shaped like any other ring.

Effects Edit

The Ring of the Beast had legendary magic and power inside of it, the Bearer of the Ring gained the eyes of animals; night vision, the mouth of animals; the ability to speak with animals, and the strength of animals; doubled muscle size. It mostly just increased human senses by tenfold. But the other effect, the most magical; is the ability to transform into any animal in Middle-Earth. Be it a worm, or an eagle. But staying as one was hard, so they had to be in human form most of the time. Also, turning into, say, a rabbit was easy. But turning into a Dragon and staying as one would take a lot of effort.

Bearers Edit

The White Stag of Celebtaure

Apocalyse Greatest leader of The White Uruks and Slayer of The White stag

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