The Ring of the Wraith is one of the legendary Rings of Power, magical rings created by the Valar. This is arguably the most powerful ring, as it gives the ring-bearer the guidance of the soul-taker.

Lore Edit

The Ring of the Wraith was forged by Mornash, lord of souls. It was given to King Aldacar of Promethea, but was lost in a battle with the Great Trolls in the forbidden caverns of Torogamar. To this day, it is still not owned by anyone, for it is lost in the troll hoard of Torogamar.

Appearance Edit

The Ring of the Wraith glows a bright silver color, with strip. of glowing bright blue. It's shaped like any other ordinary ring.

Effects Edit

The Ring of the Wraith has one of the greatest effects of all the rings. Mornash; creator of the Ring enters the Bearer's body, giving them the guidance of Mornash, who speaks in their mind. Other effects include the mastery of souls, this means the Bearer can have full control over a man's body and mind by simply touching them. Also, the Bearer can summon the souls of the dead to aid him/her in battle, the souls of the dead were once-living normal men whom Mornash claimed.

Bearers Edit

Currently, this ring has no owner/bearer. [This will change in future roleplays]

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