Here are the wiki rules!

General Edit

  1. VideoGamer0516 shall be hereby referred to as "The Mememaster".
  2. Don't swear too much.
  3. No porn.. anything else is fine.
  4. Respect the admins!
  5. Don't go too far off topic- unless you're on the fun and games board.
  6. GrieferGuy is to be banned on sight!
  7. If RedExtremeXD makes a comment that involves criticizing this wiki, delete the comment..

Forum Edit

  1. No off topic threads.
  2. No ridiculous swearing.
  3. No godmodding on the roleplay forum, unless the rules state you can.
  4. Try not to insult other players ideas; but constructive criticism is appreciated.
  5. Only use characters/factions/weapons/locations from this wiki on the RP forum. If you want to use another character/weapon/location from another source, go ahead and create a new page!

Roleplay Pages Edit

  1. Do not make your custom faction, character, or location insanely overpowered (Example: don't be Goku the Saiyan god).
  2. the maximum OPness for a character is a really strong maiar/just below valar.
  3. No stupid page names/page content.

Roleplaying Ratings Edit

Each Roleplay has a rating. Roleplays are rated depending on their content. For example, a Roleplay with Strong Language and/or Blood and Gore would be rated R.

G - No suggestive themes or violence whatsoever. These are the mildest of Roleplays and have no action or anything of the sort. These RPs are mostly based around conversations in an age-appropriate location, such as a house.

PG - Mild violence or suggestive themes. These Roleplays may have fighting or conflict, but never descriptions of violence or death. They may have action, or describe locations such as taverns and casinos.

PG-13 - Violence and/or mildly disturbing content. In these roleplays mild swears may be used, and torture may be described. Your characters may drink, fall in love, or make references to mature content. Action is frequent and descriptive.

R - These are the harshest of roleplays. mature content, drug use, torture, and things of that sort.

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