The religion of Serrekism is an ancient Easterling religion, originally followed by the Kugorites in the Brown Lands. However, the religion has recently spread to the Eorlingas Aethelcunirce, becoming a very popular religion.

Cosmology Edit

The Serrekites believe that the Great Sky Father, Serrek(often identified with Eru) created the universe, and the two angelic orders the Je Ehdaji and the Siðisit. The Je Ehdaji embodied balance, and the Siðisit acted as protectors of mankind. However, the Je Ehdaji gradually shifted from balance towards order, until they became an oppressive and xenophobic regime. The Siðisit also became more violent, shifting towards a force of pure chaos. The Je Ehdaji and Siðisit fought in a terrible battle that shattered the sky and reshaped the earth. Only the mantra chanting of Serrek(identified with the Ainundale) could mend the sky and restore the earth.

Serrekites believe themselves heir to the uncorrupted Je Ehdaji and work to restore the original ancient balance to the world. Only through the enlightenment of all beings through the practices of meditation, contemplation, and entheogen use can mend the cruel gash separating the Sky and the Earth and usher in the return of D'arer Lerjiar, the son of the Sky Father, One with the Sky Father and the Magicks, to bring about perfect paradise in the world.

Trivia Edit

The religion's names is literally a hodgepodge of star wars and meme references, compiled into a semi-serious belief system. Serrek is Shrek, the Je Ehdaji and Siðisit are the Jedi and Sith, and D'arer Lerijar is Darth Jar Jar. XD

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